$ 0
Hacker Plan
Free for app users Your app must not charge your users or make money with in-app purchase
Limitless users No technical support
Hacker Plan

Get to know NimbusBase! Play around with our backend solution and host any amount of users as your want if your app is free!

$ 200
Developer Plan
Commercial License Use NimbusBase in your iOS/Android/web app. You can charge users for your app.
Limitless users Technical support via forum and email
Developer Plan

The commercial license is for developers wants to use NimbusBase to develop their product. Also a great way for developers with free apps to support us if you chose :)

Contact for pricing
Enterprise Plan
Enterprise License A license to integrate our technology into your SDK and release it white-labeled to your developers to use. An installation cost would also be included.
Limitless users Technical support via forum and email. We can also support your new SDK for your users.
Enterprise license

Geared towards cloud providers who want to integrate NimbusBase into their existing SDK or use us for their mobile SDK

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