Our Mission

We want to radically change how application backends are built for the better.

  1. User cloud is the future

    User cloud storage for apps is the future. Right now we only store documents on our cloud storage and app data storage is an untapped potential. By storing user data on there, we shift the burden of scaling from developer to larger companies that already handled the problem. We also shift the control of the data back to the user.

  2. Ubiquitous app development

    Apps needs to be ubiquitous in terms of data. If we have data on a device such as a phone, that data should be on all the devices a person owns. The best way to ensure this ubiquity is by building with HTML5.

  3. The UI is the product

    The UI is the product, server code is needed right now to make the UI work. Why do we write a backbone app and then turn around to write a rails app just to make data storage work? By cutting the server out of the process of creating a product, we make product creation easier and save time for developers and designers.