NimbusBase HTML5

NimbusBase helps define a JS model that stores the data both offline on indexDB/localstorage and online on your personal cloud. We also makes it easy to save files straight to Dropbox and Google Drive without having to use a server.

Getting started with NimbusBase
Learn how to store data and play with the basic NimbusBase model.
Step-by-step tutorial
Teaches how to use NimbusBase with a simple step-by-step tutorial.
Our SDK documentation
All of our classes and methods documented.

NimbusBase and Angular.js tutorial
A tutorial on how to change your Angular.js app to store its data on NimbusBase. Can be read without the "Getting started with NimbusBase" tutorial.

Simple Coding Project for Learning

A sample app demonstrating all the features of NimbusBase by creating a simple clientside CRUD app.
NimbusBase can also work with Angular.js. Since Angular does not have an specific model, it binds well to NimbusBase's own methods.
This is a photobooth app that stores the resulting photos on your dropbox. You can also apply instagram like effects. It is a demonstration features for the new binary upload features.
A simple code editor built on top of NimbusBase

Full Coding Projects on NimbusBase

RSS Reader or JellyReader is an app that stores all your articles on Google Drive and Dropbox! The data is completely self-hosted on your personal cloud, so it can never go down or go away.
Two-player tetris powered by NimbusBase on top of Google Real-Time. Just invite someone, send them your link, and you can play each other in the same game!
TaskStrike is a project management app that shows how you can build collaborative apps on top of personal cloud.