NimbusBase Labs

We built a couple of apps on top of our platform to show what is possible with NimbusBase

Mobile Projects

BranchList is a to-do list app that allows you to create multi-level tasks. Each item can become its own new list and you can go to one level down as many times as you want.
PhotoSpace is an app that allows you to store your pics on top of your personal clouds. Never worry about filling up your iCloud with pics again!

HTML5 Projects

RSS Reader or JellyReader is an app that stores all your articles on Google Drive and Dropbox! The data is completely self-hosted on your personal cloud, so it can never go down or go away.
Two-player tetris powered by NimbusBase on top of Google Real-Time. Just invite someone, send them your link and you can play each other in the same game!
TaskStrike is a project management app that shows how you can build collaborative apps on top of personal cloud.
This is a Reddit clone that uses Google Cloud Storage as a backend. It's an experiment that shows how NimbusBase can use a third party cloud storage to store public data.