Turning your users' personal clouds into personal databases

5 Min Tutorial! Beta Signup

Democratizing App Development

Our backend solves the problems of scaling, server management and user privacy.

  1. Never pay for servers again

    Scale from one user to a million without paying any server costs, as all the users’ data is on their own cloud storage.

  2. Save development time

    Reduce the time spent writing server-side code from months to minutes.

  3. Syncs online and works offline

    We save the data you have while you work offline and then syncs it when you have an internet connection.

  1. Start with our HTML5 Client

    Start with our HTML5 client which works on both the web and phonegap. Check out our tutorial and run our many example repositories.

    Integrates with:

  2. Start with our Android Client

    Our Android client just started in Alpha, you can either start a new project or use your exist app with our NimbusBase Android Client. Just use your normal sqlite database and we will sync all the data in it onto NimbusBase and onto your user's Google Drive or Dropbox.

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