App data storage on personal cloud

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For Developers

NimbusBase allows you to store data for your apps on your users' own cloud storage. Just add a couple lines of code and we take care of scanning your current mobile data store (CoreData/SQLite) and persisting it to your users' clouds. We also store your acts as a aggregator for storing your binary files.

Here you will find all of our Docs for NimbusBase
Sample Apps
Check out some of our apps to see what you can build with NimbusBase.

For Personal Cloud Providers

NimbusBase can kickstart your platform and developer SDK. By integrating with your REST API endpoints, we can create iOS and Android SDKs that not only store documents on top of your cloud but also the app's structured data in CoreData and Sqlite.

App data storage for personal cloud
Our white paper on the value of app data storage for personal clouds and creating an ecosystem of apps around you.
Tech Overview
A tech overview of how NimbusBase works, and the approach we took to convert structured data in native mobile to the personal cloud.